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Chongqing Qineng Aluminium smelter, designed with 330 ktpy capacity is set to resume normal operations in July 2020.

The company suspended 34 kt of primary aluminium capacity (30 sets of 420 kA cells) for maintenance in late March. Fifteen of these have been restarted since late April, and the company is looking to restart the remaining 15 cells and resume normal operations in July.

Qineng produced 25 kt of primary aluminium in April and its May output is expected to be 25.8 kt. The company typically sells liquid aluminium on the local market, and currently holds no stock.

Mainstream aluminium ingot prices stand at RMB13, 100~13,200/t at Shanghai warehouses, up by RMB130/t from last Friday. Most domestic aluminium smelters have cleared their aluminium ingot stocks over the past two weeks following a strong rebound in aluminium prices.


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