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China’s July bauxite imports lifted slightly on-month to 9.05 mln, while accumulated bauxite imports during the first seven months of 2019 totaled 62.7 mln t, an increase of 15.4 mln t from 47.3 mln t during the same period last year. China imported 82.62 mln t of bauxite in 2018.

The CIF price of China’s bauxite imports was USD 49.72/t in July, having declined over three consecutive months. The average CIF price of China’s imports was USD 53/t in 2018.

Guinea remained China’s largest bauxite supplier in July with 4.54 mln t of exports, accounting for about 50% of China’s total imports for the month. This figure was followed by Australia, 3.01 mln t, (approximately 30% of the monthly total) and Indonesia, 1.16 mln t, (13% of the monthly total). Bauxite supply from Guinea, Australia and Indonesia was more than 93% of China’s total bauxite imports during July 2019.

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