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China imported 9.94 mln t of bauxite in April 2020, up 2% y-o-y but down 1% m-o-m. Guinea remains the largest bauxite supplier to China with 4.82 mln t of exports accounting for 48.51% of total monthly imports. Australia and Indonesia follow with 2.89 mln t and 2.02 mln t exported to China in April, accounting for 29.06% and 20.29% of the monthly total respectively. In April, average prices of Guinean bauxite were USD50.88/t, Australian bauxite USD42.96/t and Indonesian bauxite USD47.88/t.

China imported 218.9 kt of alumina in April 2020, a surge of 285.45% y-o-y.

China imported 7,343 t of primary aluminum in April, a spike of 352.79% y-o-y and 35.75% m-o-m. China’s total primary aluminium imports reached 20.56 kt during the first four months of 2020, down 22.22% y-o-y.


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