Shanghai Nonferrous Metals News

China produced 41.5 kt of NPI (in Ni) in December 2018, and total domestic NPI output reached 457 kt  (in Ni) in 2018, up 7.92% on-year. High-NPI output for December 2018 edged up slightly by 0.11% on-month to 38.1 kt, chiefly thanks to Liaoning smelters resuming operations after environmental checks in the first half of the month. Low-NPI output dropped by 8.29% on-month to 3.4 kt, as a result of an integrated stainless steel producers in eastern China suspending its low-NPI operations.

In January 2019, domestic NPI output is expected to lift by 0.88% on-month to 41.8 kt, the same level as that for December 2018.

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