Shanghai Nonferrous Metals News

SMM: China produced 5.61 mln t of alumina (SGA) in October, with daily average output of 181 kt, up 0.63% m-o-m. China’s aggregated alumina output during the first ten months of 2019 reached 57.6 mln t, down 0.95% y-o-y.  Growth in monthly output mainly came from SPIC Shanxi ramping up to full capacity operations after technology upgrades. However, refiners including Jiaokou Xinfa, Sanmenxia East Hope and Jinzhong East Hope had relatively low operational rates due to weak prices. Xiaoyi Huaxing and some other Shanxi refiners curbed operations as a consequence of local bauxite supply shortages.

Looking forward to November, Sanmenxia East Hope is set to lift its operational capacity and Guangxi Jingxi Tiangui is scheduled to come online and generate output. As of today, the operational rate of domestic SGA had climbed to 66.09 mtpy. SMM forecast China’s alumina output (SGA) at 5.63 mln t in November, with daily average output of 188 kt, up slightly from October.


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