Shanghai Nonferrous Metals News

China Customs: China imported 10 mln t of bauxite in March 2020, up 10.63% y-o-y. Guinea, Australia, and Indonesia consolidated their positions as the top three exporters to China with a combined volume accounting for 95% of China’s total bauxite imports. China imported 4.45 mln t of bauxite from Guinea, 3.33 mln t from Australia and 1.73 mln t from Indonesia in March 2020.

China imported 338.7 kt of alumina in March 2020, with 159.8 kt from Australia.

China imported 5.41 kt of primary aluminium in March 2020, up 35% y-o-y. Russia was the largest exporter to China with 2.6 kt.

China imported 76.67 kt of aluminum scrap in March 2020, down 39% y-o-y.


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