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China’s bauxite imports during the first two months of 2020 spiked to the highest level in years reaching 18.41 mln t. The surge in imports from 13.12 mln t at the same period last year sees Guinea reclaim its position as China’s largest bauxite supplier with a total of 8.93 mln t in January and February, accounting for 48% of the overall total. Australia continues in second place with 5.9 mln t, accounting for 30% of the total, followed by Indonesia with 3 mln t, accounting for 16.28% of the total.


The growth in China’s bauxite imports can be attributed to increasing bauxite shipments from Guinea since December 2019 after the rainy season. Furthermore, a shortfall in domestic bauxite supply in combination with declining sea freight costs has boosted demand for imported bauxite.


CIF bauxite prices to China averaged USD47.87/t, during January and February 2020, holding steady from December 2019.


China imported 100.22 mln t of bauxite in 2019.


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