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Minmetals’ Chenzhou Diamond APT smelter suspended APT (88.5% min) production last week to begin maintenance, which is expected to take a month. The company is scheduled to restart APT production in late August or early September. The company produced 1,000 tonne of APT in July and holds no stock at present. Minmetals, the parent company is responsible for sales of APT produced.

Designed with 12 ktpy capacity, Chenzhou Diamond APT smelter produced 9 kt of APT in 2019 and 5.5 kt in H1 2020.

Mainstream APT prices are being quoted at RMB128,000/t with most transactions between RMB125,500~127,500/t. With tungsten concentrate prices holding firm at present, market participants see APT prices remaining stable next week.


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