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Minmetals’ Chenzhou Diamond APT smelter restated APT (88.5% min) production this week after completion of an overhaul which began in early August. The company aims to produce 1 kt of APT in September.

Domestic APT prices have recently been on the rise, seeing most quotations standing at RMB130,000/t by cash and some high-end quotations at RMB132,000/t. Domestic tungsten concentrate prices continue to rise, and offers under RMB85,000/t are rare. Propped by strong concentrate prices, domestic APT (88.5% min) prices are expected to trend up going forward.

Designed with 12 ktpy capacity, Chenzhou Diamond APT smelter produced 9 kt of APT in 2019 and 5.5 kt in H1 2020. The company produced 1 kt of APT in July and holds no stock at present.

Mainstream APT prices rose by RMB1,000/t from Monday to between RMB128,000~130,000/t today. With tungsten concentrate prices holding firm and despite a cautious attitude downstream, market participants forecast APT (88.5% min) prices to rise by RMB1,000/t next week.


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