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Chalco Zhongzhou, designed with 2.4 mtpy alumina capacity, plans to produce 2.1 mln t of alumina in 2019, the same level as 2018. As of today, Chalco Zhongzhou had produced 1.75 mln t of alumina, with its October output at 175 kt, up 5 kt m-o-m.

Chalco Zhongzhou has five alumina production lines and started using imported bauxite in early June 2019 after completion of technical upgrades (HT to LT conversion) on all five lines. Chalco Zhongzhou currently has five alumina calcination furnaces. Ultra-low emission environmental upgrades have been completed on three of them and upgrades to the fourth are ongoing. Maintenance of the fifth furnace is scheduled for completion by end-2019.

At present, mainstream alumina prices stand at RMB 2,580~2,630/t ex-works in Henan, down RMB 10/t from Monday.


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