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Chalco Shanxi, a major alumina refinery in Shanxi began using imported bauxite in July. 55% of all bauxite used by the company is now imported.

The company’s monthly bauxite consumption is typically 350 kt, with 300 kt consumed in July. A company source indicated that they imported 800 kt bauxite from Guinea, Australia and Malaysia in June and now hold 500 kt in inventory. Consumption of imported bauxite is expected to reach 1.8 mln t during 2019.

The company spokesman added that the production cost of using imported bauxite is RMB150/t, lower than domestic bauxite. Therefore, taken with supply shortages of domestic bauxite, Chalco Shanxi is attaching more importance to imported bauxite.

Chalco Shanxi has two HT production lines with 600 ktpy capacity each and three LT production lines with 400 ktpy capacity each, totaling 2.4 mtpy. Imported bauxite is mainly used by the LT production lines.

At present, Guinea bauxite Al2O3 45%min, SiO2 3%max is offered at USD 54/t CIF China.

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