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26th July: Chalco Shanxi, with alumina capacity of 2.4 mtpy, completed HT to LT conversion on three alumina production lines in mid-July.

According to a company source, Chalco Shanxi, owns two alumina refineries, has two HT production lines with 600 ktpy capacity each in the old refinery and three HT production lines with 400 ktpy capacity each in the new refinery. The company is testing imported bauxite from different countries such as Indonesia, Guinea and Australia. They currently hold 60 kt of imported bauxite inventory.

Chalco Shanxi had total alumina production of 2.1 mln t in 2018, and 850 kt in H1 2019. The company produced 140 kt alumina in June, and production is expected to stabilize in July. All alumina is sold to Chalco Trading Group and there is no inventory.

At present, mainstream alumina prices are standing at RMB 2,490-2,540/t ex-works in Shanxi.

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