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Chalco Liancheng is designed with 370 ktpy carbon anode capacity, comprising one 150 ktpy and one 220 ktpy production line. The company produced 15 kt of carbon anode in August, up from July’s figure of 10 kt, and plans to increase carbon anode output over the next few months.

The company produced 220 kt of carbon anode in 2018 and has a target of 210 kt for 2019. It produced 70 kt of carbon anode during the first seven months of 2019 and presently holds 3,000 t carbon anode in stock.

Chalco Liancheng smelter has 540 ktpy primary aluminium capacity, with 160 ktpy in operation at present. The company has suspended 380 ktpy of capacity since the beginning of August 2018 due to losses. The company typically consumes 7 kt of carbon anode per month in aluminium smelting with the remaining amount sold to Qinghai and Gansu.

Mainstream carbon anode prices in northwestern China were RMB 3,200~3,400/t delivered, the same as last week.


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