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Chalco Henan, with a total of 2.4 mtpy designed alumina capacity, has five alumina production lines, comprising one 1 mtpy, four 250 ktpy production lines and associated low temperature digestion processes. At present, the company is operating its 1 mtpy and two 250 ktpy production lines.

The company completed HT to LT conversion on two 250 ktpy lines in early August with an aim of using imported bauxite for alumina production. The company chiefly uses Indonesian bauxite for alumina production with its raw material procurement and product sales all being managed by the Chalco Group.

Chalco Henan’s alumina output was 80 kt in July and 90 kt is expected in August. It produced 1.8 mln t of alumina in 2018 and plans 1.2 mln t output for 2019 with aggregated output of 760 kt during the first seven months of 2019.

At present, mainstream alumina prices stand at RMB 2,480~2,530/t ex-works in Henan, up by RMB 20/t from last Friday.

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