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15th December: Bauxite produced from Chalco’s Boffa project in Guinea was transshipped via barge to the vessel ‘Yibo’, marking the first bauxite shipment from Chalco’s Boffa project to China. The majority of bauxite from Chalco Boffa will be shipped to China for use in domestic alumina refineries.


Chalco’s Boffa project started trial operation on 1st September 2019 and formal mining operations began on 6th October. On 10th December, Chalco’s Boffa port project, designed with throughput capacity of 12 mln t per annum and  construction of three berths together with affiliated loading equipment was completed and put into operation. At present, construction at Chalco Boffa, designed with 12 mtpy capacity, is heading towards the final closure stage and is expected to come fully online in Q1 2020.



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