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Bosai’ s bauxite mine in Ghana, designed with 2.4 mtpy bauxite mining capacity, produced 1.6 mln t of bauxite in 2017 and 1.2 mln t in 2019. According to an internal source, Bosai Group mainly sell to the European and American markets instead of China due to high sea freight costs exceeding USD30/t to China in comparison to USD15/t to Europe and America. Due to limited loading capacity at the port, bauxite can be only loaded in 60 kt cargo ships, driving up costs.

With measured resource reserves of approximately 100 mln t, Bosai’s bauxite mine is located about 260 km from the port. The mine produces bauxite of Al2O3 50% min SiO2 2% max, with mainstream prices at USD40/t FOB Ghana.

The company holds 140 kt bauxite in stock at present and January output is estimated to be 140 kt.


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