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Guangxi Beihai Chengde Stainless Steel halted operations in mid-July amid power supply shortages and didn’t restart NPI (10% min Ni) production in August as power usage restrictions continued through the month.

The company produced 25 kt of NPI (10% min Ni) in July and having no production in August, has had to seek NPI from market sources.

Beihai Chengde has two 33,000 kVA EFs, capable of producing 200 kt of NPI (10% min Ni) per annum.

Mainstream NPI (10% min Ni) prices currently stand at RMB1,405~1,425/mtu on Wednesday, up by RMB15/mtu w-o-w. Prices are expected to lift further, led by rising nickel laterite prices and tightening supply of NPI over the short- term.

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