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Guangxi Baise Mining Group has reduced its 2019 output target to 700 kt, down by 200 kt from the original level of 900 kt.

Designed with 1.3 mtpy primary aluminium capacity, the company has five primary aluminium smelters which had 600 ktpy capacity in operation at the beginning of 2019. The company originally planned to expand its operational capacity by 400 ktpy to reach 1 mtpy by end-2019, but so far only an additional 200 ktpy capacity has come online. According to an internal source, the company has no plans to increase production until the end of this year as some equipment is not ready.

The company produced 500 kt of primary aluminium in 2018 and its 2019 output in the year to date is 550 kt.

Mainstream aluminium ingot prices stood at RMB13,810~13,910/t at Guangzhou warehouses this Tuesday, down RMB60/t from the previous trade day.


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