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Guangxi Baise Mining Group, designed with 1.3 mtpy primary aluminium capacity, has five primary aluminium smelters with a total of 800 ktpy capacity presently in operation. Designed with 300 ktpy primary aluminium capacity each, the Debao smelter is currently operating at 200 ktpy and the Tianlin smelter at 100 ktpy. Baise Mining is aiming to bring the remaining 300 ktpy capacity online by end-2020, increasing its total operational aluminum capacity to 1.1 mtpy.

The company produced 700 kt of primary aluminium in 2019 and has yet to set an output target for 2020.

Mainstream aluminium ingot prices stood at RMB14,400~14,500/t at Guangzhou warehouses this Thursday, down RMB20/t from the previous day.


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