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Baichuan: China produced 2.88 mln t of primary aluminium in September, with annual operational capacity at 35.03 mtpy. Daily average primary aluminium output for September was 96 kt, up 0.5 kt/day from 95.5 kt/day in August. Looking forward to October, Baichuan analysts forecast domestic aluminium output at 2.99 mln t, with average daily output at 96.4 kt showing a continualĀ  upward trend.

The weighted average electricity price for primary aluminium smelting was RMB 0.3102/kWh in September, down RMB 0.0002/kWh or 0.06% from RMB 0.3104/kWh in August – a decline of 2.4% on-year.

The weighted average production costs for the primary aluminium industry stood at RMB13,094/t, up RMB 105/t or up 0.81% from RMB 12,989/t in August, but down 13.8% on-year. Overall, the domestic primary aluminium industry saw moderate increases in profit margins during September 2019.


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