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China produced 2.89 mln t of primary aluminium in April 2019, down 2.08% on-year. China’s total primary aluminium output reached 11.52 mln t during the first four months of 2019, down 1.42% on-year. Annual operational capacity has been relatively low due to continued losses experienced by the domestic aluminium industry starting from June 2018 to February 2019. Some primary aluminium smelters resumed operations in April, but contributing limited growth to overall output. China’s primary aluminium capacity in operation reached 36.23 mtpy by end-April, with an operational rate of 88.8%, up 0.3% on end-March 2019.

SMM forecast China’s aluminium output at 3.03 mln t for May in the wake of increasing resumptions. China’s aluminium inventory at major warehouse is expected to fall to approximately 1.3 mln t by end-May, thanks to stable consumption.

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