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For every tonne primary magnesium produced, 6~7 t of reduction dross, 0.1~0.2 t of refining dross and 0.2~0.5 t of white forging dross is made. Based on China’s annual magnesium production, the total magnesium dross output can exceed 6.5 mln t per annum, and China’s magnesium dross has amounted to more than 60 mln t over the past few years.

At present, only 30% of magnesium dross can be recycled for comprehensive usage. Domestic magnesium smelters are encouraged to reduce overall dross discharge, enhance R&D in dross recycling technology, and to use magnesium reduction dross to produce building materials. The goal is to increase the comprehensive utilization rate of magnesium reduction dross to be no less than 70%.

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